Each company has engaged in a greater or lesser supplies: computers, office equipment, supplies and other forms.

They are generally made through the well-established suppliers who has to compete the company from time to time, the resulting prices are really good: it is the retail margin on the wholesale prices of around 15%. Best straight to the wholesalers would buy, but it's not possible.

The ITSource Ltd. faithfully to the business policy save a considerable amount of time and money for customers, since the wholesale prices of a fixed margin to deliver the hardware. In this way at procurement we give the following advantages to our customers:

  Low purchase prices: close to make any acquisitions of wholesale price

  Better business: don't need to be tendered the suppliers and compare
    the resulting prices, because it will guarantee that the minimum margin
    will be added at any orders

The categories of products sold by us are as follows:


  Hardware: PC, notebook, monitor, UPS

  Software: operation systems, office packages, virus protection,
    backups, user and developer applications - OEM,
    boxed and other construction also

  Peripherals: printer, scanner, projector, spare parts, components


  copier, fax and multifunctional machines


  substation, telephones, GSM adapters


  LAN network devices: switches, routers, wireless devices, conerters

  Structured networks: patch panel, optical director, socket,
   rack cabinet, cables, drains


  cartridges, toner, CD, DVD, DAT, DLT

Our service based on our extensive wholesale relationships and we bearing in mind your needs also.

If you are interested our services or if you have questions, please write to us - and we will contact you within 48 hours:

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