Office Products

To offer an all-inclusive service to our customers, we undertake occasional or regular hardware servicing which includes the following:


 Servicing of copiers, printers, faxes (locally or carried away)


 Continuous suppliance of accessories (cartidges, toners)


 Distributing office tools and their accessories

Further more we provide the following extra services to our contracted (regular) customers:

  Providing exchange set
  Travel expenses are not billed

Servicing prices (occasional): 15.000 HuF + VAT
Servicing prices (for contacted customers): 12.000 HuF + VAT

Travel expenses: 5.000 HuF + VAT / occasion

*The above prices are guiding purposes and refer to a single machine; exact amount can differ based on the type of machine and your other needs

If you are interested our services or if you have questions, please write to us - and we will contact you within 48 hours:

Your name:    

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