Sometimes a company's life moved to a new place or new part is added - or possibly just started. In this case need to build a new computer or telephone endpoints that are bound to be a structured system.

The ITSource Ltd. help to your company in planning and entire building, at new companies also undertake the complete design:

  Survey, design and price offer

 Networking, cabling, connectors building


 Wiring building

  Calibration, detection instrumentation, controls

Deployment guide: HUF 15 000 + VAT / endpoint

*The above prices are guided by the precise structure of the network affect the price of the company's other needs

**The above price includes wage and materials in addition to the detection and verification too!

 Budapest is located 50km off no charge!
 Wireless networks design also available.
 All of the work done by a full guarantee.

If you are interested our services or if you have questions, please write to us - and we will contact you within 48 hours:

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