Safe and efficient operations of computer networks, as well as maximum support of our customers in their everyday work are the keystones of our helpdesk service. Our business philosophy applies to our helpdesk services too and provides the following advantages for your Company:

Cost efficiency: There is no need to maintain and keep trained a personal crew
    because a team of professionals will be at your service

  Flexibility: Our outsourcing is determined by our customers' course of business
    thus we act upon your needs - and not the other way around

  All-inclusive services: Our services covers every part of support

- operator, remote and personal support
- establishment of proper IT security, authorization, archiving and disaster
  recovery policies
- administration of hardware and software
- continuous lookout and updating of software versions
- regular virus and spam busting
- assistance in transaction of computing acquisition, considering the aspects of price,
  quality, warranty and reliability as well as developing development and purchasing
  plans, keeping to the approved frameworks
- assistance in accomplishing and planning of any occurring computing repairs, and
  preventative maintenance support, as well as finding the proper service solution
  considering price, quality warranty lead time and reliability
- on-demand coordination of people and other companies attendant in actuation of
  your computing telecommunication system (internet, ISDN, etc.), considering
  service quality, price, regular evaluation and optimization
- maintaining connections between a Hungarian firm and its companies abroad
- participation in establishing IT strategy, sub serving decision-making procedures
- regular guidance of the new possibilities provided by the advancement of IT
  technologies, making suggestions to adopt them as necessary
- measuring and accomplishing approved IT developments required for operation
- providing education in form of training or consultations as necessary about
  operating the newly established systems
- assisting in continuing professional education of own IT crew
- making statements (reports) on demand

ITSource Ltd. offers expert services in the following areas:

  Proactive service: our company helps you not only averting problems but thinking
    ahead and planning for the future as well

  Quick lead time: in 90% of times issues are inspected within 24 hours and
    resolved within 48 hours - hotline issues are dealt with in 1-2 hours

  Remarkably favourable prices: you can calculate estimated operating
    costs based on the below pricelist:

Workstations: 7 500 HuF + VAT / month
Servers: 25 000 HuF + VAT / month*
Printers: 3 750 HuF / month**

*The above prices are iformational purposes only; exact amount can differ based on your company's region, the structure of the system and further needs

** Service and material costs not included (if there is a need of regular services we can contract it at the price of 4.000 HuF + VAT / device / month )

Additional services:

  - There are no extra travel- and delivery expenses, no extra night or weekend fees
  - Providing means of exchange for our contracted customers
  - In case of a 1 year contract a dedicated server is placed with your company if you
      do not have one already

If you are interested in our services or if you have questions, please write to us - and we will contact you within 48 hours:

Your name:    

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