Server Administration

Safe and professional supervising of servers is a key area to every business. Unfortunately, improper supervising can endanger the whole functioning of a company.

According to a national survey (IDC) 82% of vice presidents thinks that their documents – either printed or electronic – are vital to the success of their business. Proper handling of corporate data and mailing, archiving, supervision of ownerships, as well as the safe use of internet are first priority to every company.

Our technicians with more than 10 years of experience in supervising servers safely and efficiently are now will be gladly at your service. Such background makes it possible that we can operate your servers at an astonishing price, which can include the following functions:


File server


Mail server


Proxy server


Web server


DNS server




Backup server


RAID solutions


Central virus busting


Central antispam solutions

Operational cost of individual servers 25 000 HuF / month / functions.*

We undertake an all-inclusive guarantee for systems built by our team. We are ready to expand, take over or rebuild any existing systems as desired by the customer.

* The above prices are guiding purposes; exact amount can differ based on server status, complexity and individual needs.

If You interesting about our services or You have question, please write to us - and we will be contact with You in 48 hours:

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