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The aim of ITSource Ltd is to provide an opportunity to companies who are not yet possess an image on the internet or not fully satisfied with the current one – all this at available prices and in style design.

However we offer more than just creating your customized website: we help you making a design and localization.

We help you locating and designing the image of your business and planning the way to broadcast the values of your company. This will make consumers of your target market understand and acknowledge your company in the business world.


Starter package

This package is for the sole purpose of introducing. Recommended for companies who wish to appear on the web but not yet have greater needs.

Notes: Text based pages, logo and other images brought by customer. Includes one main page with about 5-6 menus. Background, menus and text-colour can be chosen.

From 60 000 HuF + VAT

Advanced package

Recommended for companies who wish no only appear on the web but to have a more stylish design and deeper content.

Notes: Logo is graphically developed, menus designed of high quality, 8-10 menus and further sub-menus. The content is a mix of text and images.

From 120 000 HuF + VAT

Professional package

We recommend this package to those who wish to appear with a professionally planned, fully designed web image.

Notes: Whole web image is planned and designed (including logo), colour scheme that fit to your business, graphically developed and designed main page of high quality, 10-20 sub-menus, customized buttons, forming graphical elements of individual needs, animations, business e-mail pattern, business newsletter pattern.

From 250 000 HuF + VAT


  Registering in search engines:   40,000 HuF + VAT
  Taking photos, digital images:   based on agreement
  Creating montage of photos:     based on agreement

If You interesting about our services or You have question, please write to us - and we will be contact with You in 48 hours:

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