About us

ITSource is dedicated to provide cost-efficient and flexible solutions to its customers. Our mission is to build long-term cooperation with our client where we can fully cover their needs and demands.

We support our client's competitiveness and efficiency with our flexibility and fair prices.

We know that keeping the infrastructural costs low and using cost-efficient solutions are vital in market competition. Our company has big experience in applying them with a team able to provide high level service

Primal values of our company:


The ever-developing technology often selfishly urges and drives companies into unconscious buying. Why? Because the market urges the customers.

The real question is rather that in what manner technology can improve the efficiency of individual and teamwork, the effectiveness and co-cooperativeness of businesses.

Our aim is not to urge making expenses but to satisfy the real needs of our customers, for which we always seek the most proper solution – many of them is without any extra expenses.


Most companies are easily paralysed due to bureaucracy; slow decision-making usually shows up at customers as the main source of slow service and problem resolving.

We believe that this attitude is unacceptable hence we build our service upon the dynamical and flexible serving of our customers. We are remarkably adaptable and mobile because we comply with the needs our customers.


Usually multiple companies are serving the IT and telecommunications needs of a business. Employing such solutions on one hand requires significant attention in coordinating the work of the participant companies, and on the other hand it bears heavy cost-intensity.

Our company is able to provide an all-inclusive service which saves you significant time, work and costs.


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