Why Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is an increasingly practiced method of shifting certain operations that are not strictly in line with the profile of the business to outside providers.

Cost-savings, recessionary economic conditions and their intention to re-think their business effectiveness motivates companies to outsource their IT and telecommunication needs.

Companies who wish to keep their competitive power do better to focus on their main business objectives. Focusing on the main interest of a business could mean significant cost-saving, more flexible adaptability to market needs, and most of all increase in effectiveness.

Companies are always fighting to keep their employees trained and keep the infrastructure running continuously and safe.

However if all these activities are outsourced then a ‘subsidiary’ is created with an aim to develop IT and telecommunication operations to the possible highest level where the main core of business are IT and telecommunication.

Outsourcing IT and telecommunication carries an incredible number of advantages, the three most important ones are:


 Cost-efficient: because it is absolutely rationalizable, plannable
   and accountable

 Professional: because a complete team of professionals is at
   your service

 Reliable: outages caused by illness, holiday, renunciation, dismissal
  or training are not a concern any more

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