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07/17/2018 02:45 AM
Amazon Prime Day 2018: The best tech, electronics, PC, and mobile deals

For Amazon Prime Day 2018, the retailer has upped its game considerably. Its annual summer sale may not yet rival Black Friday, but this year’s event is a bright spot in an otherwise ho-hum season of bargain hunting.

Tech enthusiasts will find plenty to dig into. Discounts range from good to excellent in multiple categories—you’ll find everything from cables to TVs on the cheap. Additionally, Amazon is supplementing the bargains with additional promotions, like deeply discounted trials for various Amazon services and a ton of free PC games via Twitch Prime.

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07/16/2018 11:15 PM
Why digital transformations are lagging

Digital transformations have hit the skids, falling prey to poor leadership, disconnects between IT and the business, lagging employee engagement, substandard operations — just about every area required for success.

That’s the conclusion of a July report from Capgemini Digital Transformation Institute and MIT Sloan School of Management, which surveyed more than 1,300 executives in over 750 global organizations. The research, “Understanding digital mastery today: Why companies are struggling with their digital transformations,” built on similar research the two organizations conducted in 2012.

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07/16/2018 07:22 PM
Enterprise PC-buying spree spurs first shipment climb in six years

Shipments of traditional personal computers during the second quarter of 2018 grew by nearly 3% year over year, the largest increase since 2012, research firm IDC said last week.

According to IDC, computer makers shipped approximately 62.3 million systems in the June quarter. Lenovo, HP, Dell, Apple and Acer were the top five OEMs (original equipment manufacturers); their shipments represented 78% of the total.

Rival research company Gartner pegged second-quarter growth at 1.4% and pointed out that it was the first year-over-year increase in 25 quarters. Gartner said that total shipments in the June quarter reached 62.1 million, with the same top five OEMs accounting for 74% of the global number.

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07/16/2018 12:04 PM
What is a Net Promoter Score (NPS)? A simple metric to gauge customer loyalty

Developed by Fred Reichheld at Bain & Company, the Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a customer loyalty metric that measures customer satisfaction using an index that ranges from -100 to 100. Customers are asked one question – if they’d recommend the company to a friend – and then asked to respond using a scale from zero to 10, with zero being “not likely” and 10 being “extremely likely.” Customers are then organized into three categories as detractors, passives or promoters, based on their responses.


Detractors are those who score between zero and six – they’re the most likely to have a negative perception of the brand or company and the least likely to spend money. They’re also more likely customers to clog up customer service lines, lodge complaints and spread negative word-of-mouth.

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07/16/2018 12:00 PM
Extreme faces challenges, girds for future networking battles

Extreme Networks is contending for greater influence from the data center to the network edge, but it has some obstacles to overcome.

The company is still grappling with how to best integrate, use and effectively sell the technologies it has acquired from Avaya and Brocade in the past year, as well as incorporate and develop its own products to do battle in the cloud, mobile and edge computing environments of the future. Remember, too, that Extreme bought wireless player Zebra Technologies in 2016 for $55 million.

In terms of results that Wall Street watches, Extreme Networks grew revenue 76% to $262 million in its recent fiscal third quarter. According to Extreme, those gains were fueled mostly by growth from its acquisitions and around an 8% growth in its own products. 

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