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06/04/2020 12:00 PM
5 ways to drive agile experimentation using feature flags

Cloud application architectures, microservices, CI/CD (continuous integration, continuous development) pipelines, test automation, and infrastructure as code are all technologies that enable agile development and devops teams to deliver code to production frequently. They have taken software development from the days of quarterly releases and complex integrations to a modern era of continuous development.

Developers have always been concerned about how to manage the codebase to support frequent releases, developer productivity, feature development, and code refactoring to address technical debt. Github enables different development and branching paradigms, including feature branches, release branches, trunk-based development, and Gitflow workflow. Branching strategies structure what code goes into builds and thus can be used to control which features get deployed to end-users.

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06/04/2020 12:00 PM
What is pretexting? Definition, examples and prevention

Pretexting definition

Pretexting is form of social engineering in which an attacker tries to convince a victim to give up valuable information or access to a service or system. The distinguishing feature of this kind of attack is that the scam artists comes up with a story — or pretext — in order to fool the victim. The pretext generally casts the attacker in the role of someone in authority who has the right to access the information being sought, or who can use the information to help the victim.

Pretexting has a fairly long history; in the U.K., where it's also known as blagging, it's a tool tabloid journalists have used for years to get access to salacious dirt on celebrities and politicians. But today it's commonly used by scam artists targeting private individuals and companies to try to get access to their financial accounts and private data. And pretexters can use any form of communication, including emails, texts, and voice phone calls, to ply their trade.

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06/03/2020 09:54 PM
Android Studio 4.0 adds Motion Editor and Build Analyzer

Android Studio 4.0, the latest version of the official IDE for Android mobile development, has reached the stable channel stage. The update features capabilities such as a new Motion Editor and a Build Analyzer.

Motion Editor is a visual design editor for the MotionLayout type. The editor makes it easier to use the MotionLayout API to manage motion and widget animation in their applications. XML files are generated, saving developers from this task. Also offered is support for editing constraint sets, transitions, keyframes, and view attributes. MotionLayout builds upon the capabilities of ConstraintLayout for designing large and complex Android views.

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06/03/2020 09:47 PM
Airbus tells quantum-computing developers what it needs from the technology

Airbus expects quantum computing to have major production, performance and efficiency benefits as the technology plays a role in its cybersecurity, aerospace and communications businesses.

“We are users of quantum computing and intend to use it to deliver more powerful services and systems,” said Paolo Bianco, global research & technology cooperation manager for Airbus to an online audience at the Inside Quantum Technology virtual event this week.

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06/03/2020 09:25 PM
Windows by the numbers: Windows 10 restarts purge of Windows 7
Windows 10 grew by 1.8 percentage points in May to reach 57.8% of global OS share, resuming the trend away from Windows 7 that was upended by the pandemic.


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