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10/14/2019 05:00 PM
Report: China supported C919 airliner development through cyberespionage

Security researchers have correlated the activity of a Chinese hacker group known for targeting aerospace companies to a multi-year espionage effort by China’s intelligence agencies to further the development of the country’s C919 aircraft, an airliner designed to compete with similar planes from Airbus and Boeing.

The Comac C919 is a narrow-body twinjet airliner whose development started in 2008 and had its first maiden flight in 2017 after various delays due to technological issues. While being touted as a Chinese-made aircraft, the plane uses many components supplied by aerospace companies from Europe and North America.

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10/14/2019 12:00 PM
Microsoft preps service pack-esque Windows 10 1909 for release

Microsoft now says the year's second Windows 10 feature upgrade would be released shortly and has given it the guileless name of "Windows 10 November 2019 Update."

"We believe that Build 18363.418 is the final build," Brandon LeBlanc, a senior program manager on the Windows Insider team, wrote in a Friday post to a company blog.

Build 18363.418 was released on Oct. 8.

Also known as 1909 in Microsoft's four-digit yymm notation, this upgrade is notable for what it is not: It is not a feature upgrade as Microsoft has defined the term in the past. Instead, 1909 will be little more than a rerun of the spring's 1903, including all the fixes Microsoft has made to that version since its May debut, and a very small number of new features. (How small? Check out the list here.)

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10/14/2019 12:00 PM
Equifax data breach FAQ: What happened, who was affected, what was the impact?

In March 2017, personally identifying data of hundreds of millions of people was stolen from Equifax, one of the credit reporting agencies that assess the financial health of nearly everyone in the United States.

As we'll see, the breach spawned a number of scandals and controversies: Equifax was criticized for everything ranging from their lax security posture to their bumbling response to the breach, and top executives were accused of corruption in the aftermath. And the question of who was behind the breach has serious implications for the global political landscape.

How did the Equifax breach happen?

Like plane crashes, major infosec disasters are typically the result of multiple failures. The Equifax breach investigation highlighted a number of security lapses that allowed attackers to enter supposedly secure systems and exfiltrate terabytes of data.

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10/14/2019 06:01 AM
GandCrab cousin Sodinokibi made a fortune for ransomware pushers

Security researchers have tracked the bitcoin payments made by victims of the Sodinokibi ransomware threat and concluded that some of the criminals distributing the program earned millions of dollars from the scheme. Sodinokibi, also known as REvil, is a ransomware program that first appeared in April, shortly after another widely used ransomware operation called GandCrab shut down. While Sodinokibi is not necessarily a direct continuation of GandCrab, researchers have found code and other similarities between the two, indicating a likely connection.

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10/14/2019 06:00 AM
10 hot micro-data-center startups to watch

Data-hungry technology trends such as IoT, smart vehicles, drone deliveries, smart cities and Industry 4.0 are increasing the demand for fast, always-on edge computing. One solution that has emerged to bring the network closer to the applications generating and end users consuming that data is the micro data center.

The micro data center sector is a new space filled with more noise than signal. If you go hunting for a micro data center for your business you’ll find everything from suitcase-sized computing stacks that replace a server closet to modular enclosures delivered by semi-trucks to larger units that reside at the foot of cell towers to dedicated edge data centers with standardized designs that can spring up wherever there’s demand and where real estate or access rights are available, including easements, rooftops and industrial sites.

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