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08/16/2019 11:00 PM
CloudBees readies software delivery management, Jenkins X via SaaS

Software delivery platform provider CloudBees is looking to establish the category of software delivery management, to address siloed development processes, as well as to make the open source Jenkins CI/CD system available as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering.

Software delivery management via SaaS

CloudBees’s planned SaaS-based SDM platform would tie together all artifacts, data, and events across an organization’s devops tool chain into a unified system of record. The goal is to improve collaboration between teams by providing universal insights, connected processes, and governance.

SDM coordinates software delivery in an organization, serving as a sort of CRM for software delivery. The idea for SDM arose out of the notion that once companies use CI/CD, they realize they have created silos of data, processes, and teams. SDM is intended to capture signals from all the tools in use to show what is taking place.

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08/16/2019 10:49 PM
Best gaming mice: Find your perfect match

The mouse is a simple tool: point and click. That’s it. But if you’re a PC gamer, you know that pushing virtual paper around on your desktop isn’t the same as fragging bots and shooting zombies. (Not even remotely.) 

What’s more, picking the right gaming mouse is an intensely personal decision. Every little detail—its overall shape and size, the shape and placement its buttons, its cable (or lack thereof), its weight, its materials—can change how you feel about it. More than any other peripheral, a mouse is the hardest to recommend, because there is no objectively perfect mouse. Everyone’s hands are different.

That said, we can guide you on your search. Below are our recommendations for gaming mice, built on years of experience first and foremost as gamers, and second as writers here at PCWorld. 

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08/16/2019 08:01 PM
Chrome OS: Tips, tools, and other Chromebook intelligence

Google's Chrome OS platform sure has come a long way.

From the early days, when Chrome OS was little more than an experimental "browser in a box," to today — with the platform powering first-class hardware and supporting a diverse range of productivity applications — Google's once-crazy-seeming project has turned into one of the world's most intriguing and rapidly expanding technological forces.

I've been covering Chrome OS closely since the start. I lived with the first Chromebook prototype, the Cr-48, and have used Chromebooks as part of my own personal computing setup in varying capacities ever since. I write about the field not only as someone who's studied it professionally from day 1 but also as someone who has used it personally that entire time, up through today.

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08/16/2019 06:36 PM
Best home security camera: Keep an eye on the home front
A boom in wireless security cameras is inspiring a movement in DIY home surveillance. Follow our buying guide and read our reviews to find the best option for you.
08/16/2019 05:04 PM
Tech event calendar 2019: Upcoming shows, conferences and IT expos

Tech Events

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