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05/28/2024 11:34 PM
5 rumored iOS 18 features I'm most excited about - and AI is just the start
Will Apple finally enable full home screen customization? These are the rumored features I'm most looking forward to seeing revealed at next month's WWDC.
05/28/2024 11:18 PM
OpenAI is training GPT-4's successor. Here are 3 big upgrades to expect from GPT-5
Will GPT-5 become the first LLM with AGI? Here's what we know so far.
05/28/2024 10:10 PM
The best tablets for kids in 2024: Expert tested and parent recommended
We did hands-on testing and talked to parents and experts to find the top kids' tablets you can buy, whether for education, or entertainment for that summer road trip.
05/28/2024 09:22 PM
How to migrate from Fedora Linux to Ultramarine (and why you'd want to)
Ultramarine Linux is Fedora made easy - and migrating from one distro to the other is easy, too. Plus: There are some clear reasons to make the change.
05/28/2024 09:21 PM
Govee's new smart outdoor lights brighten your home in three colorful ways
Just in time for summer, illuminate your home's exterior with wall lights, floodlights, string lights, and even a motion sensor.


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