Telephone systems, switchboards

Our philosophy appears in building and operating switchboards too: we provide a cost-efficient and all-inclusive service.

Because of our experience in operating switchboards for more than 10 years we use and highly recommend using Panasonic models for having many advantages against switchboards of other types, such as:

  Professional, leading high technology, quality systems
  Extremely favourable service and ratio of prices
  Great flexibility in the aspect of user needs and expending
  Reliable and quick service, all-time support for components


According to the differing size, needs and telecommunication habits we list three different types of switchboards:


 Analogue switchboards: recommended for small businesses with affordable prices

 Digital switchboards: super hybrid technology to serve medium or larger sized businesses (compatibility with analogue and digital appliances)

 DECT – wireless – switchboards: recommended for businesses with mobility as first priority and would like to set their switchboards accordingly to serve this main role.

 Our prices:

Analogue switchboards: from 40.000 HuF + VAT

Digital switchboards: from 120.000 HuF + VAT

DECT mobile switchboards: please ask for our offer


Recommended for any businesses who do not wish to lose a single call and for a one-time investment receives an easy-to-use, professional voice mail service.

Specifications of voice mail:

  Automatic operator
  Private greeting
  Multilingual menu
  Individual voicemail to every extension
  Call diversion
  Call identification
  Voice mails accessible from anywhere, anytime with a PIN

Voice mail services from 190.000 HuF + VAT


We are at your service with a wide variety of appliances as well as servicing them. Every products we’re turning over has the approval of ‘Hírközlési Főfelügyelet’ as well as ISO 9002 qualification.

If you are interested our services or if you have questions, please write to us - and we will contact you within 48 hours:

Your name:    

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