Lowering landline phone costs

The following service is designed to provide cost efficient solutions for businesses, or individuals with significant voice and fax traffic but without changing their phone numbers.

With the help of ITSource you can have local, distance, mobile and international calls at favourable prices while reducing your phone costs up to 30%. Requesting our service does not require any investment nor need you to change your actual number(s).

Your only task is to sign a telephone service contact based on your call directions. From this point on your landline provider automatically redirects every calls – going to your contacted directions – into the network of the provider you have chosen.

Why worth using the voice services of an other provider?


you can lower your telephone and fax costs up to 30% to local, distance, mobile
    or international calls


low rates per minutes


no monthly or connecting fee


no extra investment required


telephone number(s) remain the same


You receive a full-service administration, with ISO-9001 quality reliable service

Favourable rates per minutes

Domestic calls
Peak time
Outside peak time
With VAT
With VAT
4.72 Ft
5.99 Ft
2.88 Ft
3.66 Ft
6.24 Ft
7.92 Ft
3.92 Ft
4.98 Ft
31.68 Ft
40.23 Ft
24.00 Ft
30.48 Ft

International calls
Net HUF/min
With VAT HUF/min
Zone 1
5.76 Ft
7.32 Ft
Zone 2
8.64 Ft
10.97 Ft
Zone 3
11.52 Ft
14.63 Ft
Zone 4
23.04 Ft
29.26 Ft
Zone 5
34.56 Ft
43.89 Ft
Zone 6
47.04 Ft
59.74 Ft
Zone 7
55.68 Ft
70.71 Ft
Zone 8
62.40 Ft
79.25 Ft
Zone 9
85.44 Ft
108.51 Ft
Zone 10
143.04 Ft
181.60 Ft
Zone 11
287.04 Ft
364.54 Ft
864.00 Ft
1,097.28 Ft
1,344.00 Ft
1,706.88 Ft
1,824.00 Ft
2,316.00 Ft

Further advantages of this service:

  • Detailed call list can be downloaded free of charge with own customer password.
  • Second billing after the first minute, so only need to pay for the actual use of a period.
  • 24 hours customer service calls, customer-oriented management.

Note that the entry fee is 20000 HUF + VAT per line, which is dismiss in case of 1-year fixed-term contract.

To ordering above telephone service necessary that your company's monthly phone bill reach 8000 HUF except the subscription fee. The order please enter your subscriber information, as well as analog and ISDN phone numbers and not older than two months copy of T-Com bill. .

In case your have over than 50.000 HuF voice traffic, you can have more allowances of the above prices. In this case, please contact us!

If You interesting about our services or You have question, please write to us - and we will be contact with You in 48 hours:

Your name:    

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