Leased line internet service

Our symmetric internet services offer to our customers who have up to 24 hours a day may need a continuous internet connection to quickly and reliably administration and business on the web, but they found too expensive the traditional leased line service and/or the Internet ADSL upload speed is not enough for them.

This access is a constant, high quality connection. In addition the monthly cost of the internet can be fixed and programmable regardless of usage. The service is based on microwave technology, so a wired telephone line is not required.

  • Fast leased line internet access
  • High reliable, managed service
  • 24/7 network monitoring
  • Solution-oriented 24-hour customer service
  • Turnkey internet solution
  • Guaranteed bandwidth, data security

Features of the service

The symmetric internet provides high quality and reliable digital transmission. The bandwidth can be expanded later on demand.

Gold Package:

  • Point-to-point connection
  • Down and upload bandwidth equals (symmetrical)
  • 99.5 availability
  • Response time in domestic directions max. 20 ms 90% of the time
  • Response time in foreign direction max. 100 ms, 90% of the time
  • Public IP address(es) provided

Platinum Package (such as Gold, in addition):

  • 99.95% availability
  • Full duplex uninterrupted connection for greater security

Price of the service

Leased line
1 year contract



1 Mbit/s

11,000 HUF/month

16,000 HUF/month

2 Mbit/s

16,000 HUF/month

23,000 HUF/month

4 Mbit/s

25,000 HUF/month

36,000 HUF/month

6 Mbit/s

34,000 HUF/month

48,000 HUF/month

8 Mbit/s

39,000 HUF/month

61,000 HUF/month

12 Mbit/s

49,000 HUF/month

70,000 HUF/month

16 Mbit/s

58,000 HUF/month

84,000 HUF/month

24 Mbit/s

74,000 HUF/month

106,000 HUF/month

32 Mbit/s

92,000 HUF/month

132,000 HUF/month

48 Mbit/s

114,000 HUF/month

162,000 HUF/month

64 Mbit/s

137,000 HUF/month

196,000 HUF/month

100 Mbit/s

161,000 HUF/month

232,000 HUF/month

Installation fee

Net one-off fee

without loyalty contract

32,000 HUF

with 1 year contract

16,000 HUF

with 2 years contract


Use of the service

When the service place on order, after the completion and signing of the contract will construction begin and activation of the service.

To order this service please ask for our order form!

If You interesting about our services or You have question, please write to us - and we will be contact with You in 48 hours:

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