IP-Centrex Cost Reduction

The ITSource committed to spreading of broadband internet services like VoIP and IP-Centrex technologies. These applications are committed to facilitating communication, improving efficiency and increasing use of a simpler time and save money for users.


The VoIP or IP telephony are forms of telecommunication which are not landline based talking but via internet or another ip protocol network. Because this reason the IP based talking significantly cheaper than the conventional telephone calling and has a many other advantages also. The VoIP service possible widely used because it based on already built broadband internet connection.

Why worth choosing VoIP services?


incredibly low rates per minutes


no connection fee


free calling between onsites


reduce your phone costs up to 30-50%


take out and reduce your existing switchboard operation costs


flexibility to expand and deploy


advanced and diversified switchboard services


no need any major investment


you receive a full-service administration, with ISO-9001 quality reliable service

The fees for telephone service (VoIP Premier Package)

price HUF / min
Local calls
4,72 Ft
Distant calls
6,24 Ft
31,68 Ft
International calls (Zone 1)
5,76 Ft

The service builds on the existing broadband Internet connection.

Internet (VoIP) telephone — IP-Centrex

The IP Centrex ITSource of a VoIP-based (professional virtual PBX) telephone service, which is a significant cost savings can be achieved by using the traditional phone solutions, while an extremely rich PBX features and value-added services to get the existing network.
This service is for companies to have a positive solution to the problem which has not yet been or just has a switchboard, but want to expand or replace existing equipment as the traditional analog or digital substation can only handle a certain number of attached or it is not possible to develop or a significant cost to solve - not to mention the running costs.
These ITSource solutions regardless of company size or number of employees able to cover any company in the country. The small size of the largest multinational companies to the large institutional firms all we can to ensure an effective solution.


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