Mobile communication

More than 7 billion people uses mobiles all around the world, including over 11 million mobile connections just in Hungary.

This makes more and more difficult for companies to keep up with developments and possibilities of technology, as well as the offers of various providers – we however, can help you to find the most optimal solution for your company with your communication needs in view.

We can offer our consultancy for the following areas

  Organizing corporate mobiles into fleets
  Mobile internet
  Offer suitable phones to business needs


Organizing corporate mobile phones into a fleet not only makes your calls more unified, more efficient and a lot cheaper but offers the following advantages:

  calls within the fleet are cost-free
  favorable call rates in all directions
  billing rates are based on seconds
  free text messages included
  low monthly fee
  separable corporate and private calls (with different billing)
  configurable call directions (forbid and allow)
  separable mobile extensions (colleagues can be called with short
  simple, customizable internet administration interface

Please contact us for a specific offer by specifying the exact requirements.


Mobile phone manufacturers monthly come up with newer and newer developments and the runoff time of many of these is a only but a few months as well.

We can help you know the way around and chose the best for you:

  mobile phones and specifications (type, price, stand-by time,
    talk time, display, connection modes, extras, warranty)
  accessories (headsets, speakers, car kits, and other extras)

If you are interested our services or if you have questions, please write to us - and we will contact you within 48 hours:

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